Sessions and activities at the SEA of Solutions 2021 offer a space for dialogue among plastic value chain stakeholders. The three-day Programme will feature immersive sessions, which have been designed to generate insights and identify solutions to prevent plastic pollution on land and the seas. These sessions will highlight solutions for sustainable production and consumption, enabling policies and market transformation, as well as financing and multistakeholder actions

Under the theme of ‘Accelerating solutions to reduce plastic waste’, this year’s event will focus on revitalizing action to prevent and reduce plastic waste by exploring policies, partnerships, innovative technologies and financing that address present challenges and mitigate the potential impacts of future disruptive global events.


16 Nov

Opening Session

9.30-10.10 ICT  / 10.30-11.10 MYT

Keynote Address

10:10-10.30 ICT  / 11:10-11.30 MYT

Soft Launch: Malaysia’s National Marine Litter Policy and Action Plan

10.30-11.30 ICT  / 11.30-12.30 MYT

Session 1

A new wave of eco-friendly consumer society

13.00-14.30 ICT  / 14.00-15.30 MYT

Session 2

Innovations in sustainable packaging value chain

15.00-16.30 ICT  / 16.00-17.30 MYT

18 Nov

Session 6

Sustainable financing for a waste-free future

10.00-11.30 ICT  / 11.00-12.30 MYT

Closing Session

15.00-16.30 ICT  / 16.00-17.30 MYT


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